Asians in Europe: They can’t escape my hunger!

Migrated my hunger to Europe. Rested my paws in Amsterdam (before all over the ladies, haha), in the red light distinct. I was hungry! Dined on THai slut. Fantastic! Then, to Rotterdamn for some Lao chick. Delicious! Then the Korean cleaning lady fell victim next. Once in Germany though, it was time for some Chinese desert at my hotel after Mcd’s.

Next day, was time for an Asian escort. It’s what I like to call “fast food” if you know what I mean. Went to France next for some aged munchins then some Cambodian fast-fuck! Flew to Kiev, where It hit the clubs. Nothing to eat.. so booked another fast food. On last day in Europe, I found some Asian pussy at a disco who only spoke Russian. WTF. Devoured her anyways!

So there you have it. That was my week in Europe. The hunger continues!

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